Fairwind Farms is interested in your acreage

The primary focus and main source of income of the company is cash crop production. In order to achieve a stable and consistent land base, certain principles have been employed over the history of the company:

•Enter into long term relationships with landowners,
•Offer a combination of reliable crop production
•Timely payment of cash rent in the upper end of the range for the area
•Treat the land with care and respect as if it was owned with respect to fertility,
soil structure health and weed control.

RaeDay 004_3This has been a successful strategy since a large portion of the land base has been rented from the same individuals since inception of the company in 1992. Loss of land is usually due to development (housing, industry, solar farm) or change of hands to an active farmer.


Are you thinking of renting out your farmland or wondering if share cropping would be a beneficial option for you?
OR… are you just looking to get your field professionally and efficiently custom farmed?

We are always cultivating new relationships with local landowners in order to maintain and expand our land base. Fairwind Farms would grow with you. Please feel free to contact us and we can discuss the best options for your farmland.